Here's what we've been up to lately

Pre-Kindergarten Graduation - June 5, 2019

Time to don our caps and tassels!

"This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine!"

A rose for Mom and a hug for Dad

Then it's time to party!



Local author Debbie Gonzalez came to visit us today to read her debut book, "A Walk with Cooper". She also made a donation of the book to our school! The story of Cooper the dog is imaginative and endearing. Our students had plenty of excellent questions for Ms. Gonzalez and we are looking forward to meeting Cooper in person!

Pediatric Dental Associates in Fair Lawn/Ridgewood came to visit Pre-K 4 today to put on a puppet show with Dino the dinosaur and talk about good dental hygiene.

Success with a puzzle

Dinosaurs in demand!

Pre-K worked on a STEM project, building with straws

Christmas is coming!

Learning Spanish is fun!

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